River Play

Rafting, SUP, Canoe - there are infinite ways to play.

Little Kappa Tour

Ride a rafting boat down the calm Toyohira River. You can jump into the river, search for critters, enjoy the scenery, and more. Each season offers an array of different experiences. Small children can easily participate in all activities during this tour.

Valley SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Tour

This is our most popular tour. Paddle a SUP through the Jozankei valley. The flow of the river is very gentle, so even first-timers can feel at ease. You can choose the most relaxing way to paddle the board for a calm and slow passing of time.

Easy Canoe Tour

Two to three people will row a single canoe through the Jozankei valley. It makes for a relaxing time where you can enjoy the scenery. However, teamwork is also encouraged to go down the river smoothly!

Night Cruising

A mystical rafting cruise in the dark of the night… You might hear the cries of animals cut through the soothing sound of the river beneath you. Along the way we will stop at shore and build a bonfire where you can warm up to hot drinks and snacks. If the weather is good, you might be able to see a sky full of stars!

Lake Shikotsu SUP Tour

This is a SUP tour where you can feel relaxed and refreshed on the waters of Lake Shikotsu, located near Sapporo. Once you get on the SUP and paddle out, you will be able to see the true beauty of its blue waters.

Snow Rafting

We will ride a rafting boat and go down the Toyohira River in the midst of winter. The winter river still offers plenty to enjoy and you may see wildlife and, depending on the time of year, maybe spot an ice waterfall! It is a memorable tour for sure.

Field Play

Building a bonfire, walking in the woods, making delicious snacks - lots of excitement in nature!

Cozy Fire and Freshly Toasted Marshmallows

Steadfastly chop wood, feed it to the fire, toast the marshmallows and eat it while it’s still hot… Your body and soul will be warmed in the slow passing of time. 

Twirl-a-stick Baumkuchen

Let’s make a piping hot baumkuchen cake by the bonfire! It’s sure to be delicious because you made it by yourself!

Making Popcorn By Bonfire

Let's make a popcorn by Bonfire!! You can enjoy that making great sound and smell. After 5 minutes, you made it!!

Night Lounge With Bonfire

Jyozankei  are silent night area. There has great lounge with bonfire. We can enjoy to drink, eat and just chilling.  Food and drinks are allowed.

Winter Forest Discovery Tour

Before winter the forests of Jozankei are hard to trek through, but not under a bed of fresh snow with snowshoes! The footprints of wild animals, toasted marshmallows on an open fire… let’s go exploring!

Serene Snow Hike

Have you ever heard of snow hiking? Trek through the woods that are usually inaccessible without snowfall, slip and slide, and let’s take a stroll through Jozankei!

Arts and Crafts

Experience arts and crafts unique to Jozankei, an onsen town surrounded by rich nature! 

Handmade Onsen Soap Making

Create soaps using Jozankei’s hot-spring water. It would be a lovely memento of your visit to Jozankei.

Twittery Bird Call

A bird call is a tool that produces sounds similar to the tweeting of birds. This involves cutting wood to make your own bird call. If you play it outside, you might hear some answering calls from the trees!