Little Kappa Tour

Ride a rafting boat down the calm Toyohira River. You can jump into the river, search for critters, enjoy the scenery, and more. Each season offers an array of different experiences. Small children can easily participate in all activities during this tour.

【Name of Activity】
・Little Kappa Tour (Rafting)

【Acttivity season】
・Early June ~Late November

【Activity starting time】
① 9:30 am〜(Gathered at the location by 9:15)
② 1:00 pm 〜(Gathered at the location by 12:45 pm)
③ 3:30 pm 〜(Gather at the location by 3:15 pm)
※We may not be able to respond to reservation requests when other activities/tours are being held.
※Please note that any late arrivals to the starting times may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

・Approximately 120 min.

【Eligible Participants】
・1 year old and above
・Recommended to families with small children
・Pets may also participate (Consultation required at the time of reservation ※ Fee is 1500 yen. Please prepare a life-jacket for your pet)

【Meeting place】
・In Nono Terrace
〒061-2303 317 Nishi 4 chome Jozankei Onsen Minami-ku Sapporo (Inside Nono Terrace Field Play Base Friluftsliv)

・Adult (Middle school students and above) 5,500 yen
・Child 4,500 yen
※Jul. 1 ~ Aug. 31 th Adults 6,500 yen, Child 5,500 yen

【What to bring】
・A change of clothes, shoes that can get wet or sandals with heels (no crocs allowed), towel, bottled drink for hydration

・Clothes that can get wet (please note that bathing suits that expose a lot of skin increases the risk of possible injuries or bug bites and so should be worn as undergarments)
・Shoes that can get wet or sandals with heels (no crocs allowed) ※Shoes available to rent ※300 yen fee)
・Clothes made of synthetic fibers such as a rash guard for tours during June ~ Aug., warm clothes such as fleece or inner down cardigans for tours in Sep. or later and later.
・Depending on the temperature, we will rent out wet or dry suits for free.

【Please remember...】
・There are no bathrooms by the river. Please make sure to go to the bathroom before the tour.
・A simple tent will be prepared for those needing a place to change clothes. However, it is best to arrive already wearing the appropriate attire for river play to make things go smoothely.
・Except on warm days, jumping into the river may not be possible on tours from September and onwards since the water temperature will be low.
・Tours will most-likely be held rain or shine. However, there may be instances where a tour will be canceled the day before depending on weather and river conditions.

【Payment methods】
※Please note that we cannot accept credit card payments.

【Cancellation Policy】
・50% nonrefundable before 6 pm the 2days before
・100% nonrefundable on the day

【Optional fees(Reservations in advance required)】
・Drone aerial movie 10,000 yen
・GoPro camera(waterproof cameras available for rent) 3,000 yen