Twirl-a-stick Baumkuchen

Let’s make a piping hot baumkuchen cake by the bonfire! It’s sure to be delicious because you made it by yourself!

【Name of Activity】
・Twirl-a-stick Baumkuchen

【Acttivity season】
・Early November 〜Late March

【Activity starting time】
・Any time during open hours.
※Please contact a Friluftsliv staff on the day.
※Because we accept customers at a first-come-first-served basis, you may be asked to wait your turn or there may not be any available openings.
※We may not be able to respond to reservation requests when other activities/tours are being held.

・Approx. 60 min.

【Eligible Participants】
・3 years old and above

【No. of participants】
・2 people or more

【Meeting place】
・In Nono Terrace
〒061-2303 317 Nishi 4 chome Jozankei Onsen Minami-ku Sapporo (Inside Nono Terrace Field Play Base Friluftsliv)

・1 Baumkuchen 4,000 yen 
※Serves 2~4 people as shown.
※※It will charge double fee over 5 person.

【What to bring】

・Clothes suitable for the season.

【Please remember...】
・The baumkuchen mix includes flour, eggs, honey, and milk. Please note that we cannot accommodate any food allergies.
・Tours may be cancelled in the case of bad weather.

【Payment methods】
※Please note that we cannot accept credit card payments.

【Cancellation Policy】
・50% nonrefundable before 6 pm the 2days before
・100% nonrefundable on the day